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So you’re an INFP, what exactly does that mean?

In several other posts, I have stated that I am an INFP.  INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) is one of sixteen personality types.  INFPs are one of the rarer types, but what percentage varies depending on the test you take.  I’ve … Continue reading

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My left nipple hates me

I have a defective left side. I’ve broken my left elbow, my left thumb, my left ankle, and the worst injury off all was when I managed to snap my left heel bone completely in half. But the most annoying … Continue reading

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I never said I was normal

Life got in the way today, my mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital tonight. Congestive Heart Failure and her Kidneys are going south. So I am here, after midnight, (NOT 12 AM) trying to write something of substance before I … Continue reading

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Facing Demons

It struck me as interesting that today’s “Zero to Hero” challenge was something I already do:  Day 26: Go Mining for ideas, and Start Some Drafts I brainstorm for things to write about every few days.  I have an “Ideas” folder … Continue reading

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This piano piece was found while jumping from link to link on You Tube yesterday.  You Tube is the easiest way to incapacitate me for hours.  This particular song is from the movie Amelia.  I really like it, but it … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

I don’t like to talk to people about religion or politics.  I am an INFP (if you follow such things) and we tend to avoid conflict at all costs.  But I want to tell a story. It happened to me … Continue reading

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Things I learned from my father

Some of you may be under the impression that I didn’t like or love my father.  And I understand that, given the three posts I’ve written about him so far. Allow me to clear that up. I am honest about my … Continue reading

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My Father was a Bastard and a Dick

Yesterday, I told you about my father’s issue with infidelity.  Today, let’s dig a little deeper into the most influential male role model in my life. My father was a bastard and a dick.  Seriously. He was adopted.  He never … Continue reading

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Random Pregnancy Post – Blood work

My wife went to the doctor today to have blood work done.  She said they took so many vials that she was wondering if they were going to leave any blood for her.  One of the tests we are having … Continue reading

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My Father the rock

I have spoken briefly of my father when I was a little boy, he was my hero when I was older, not so much He was quick to anger, quick to hit, and once told my mother that he couldn’t … Continue reading

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