I love the music of Pentatonix; I just hate the people in Pentatonix.

I love the music of Pentatonix, people post links to their new videos on facebook every time they release a new one.  I just hate the people in Pentatonix.  I can listen to them; I have no problem with just listening to them.  I just can’t watch them.

My biggest issue is that it is so PC, so formalistic, that it pains me to look at them.

Hi!  I’m the woman!

Hi!  I’m the black one!

Hi!  I’m the gay one!

Hi!  I’m the androgynous one!

Hello.  I’m the one who thinks I’m sexy.  I mean, I know I am sexy.  I am the sexy one.  You know I am sexy.  I ooze so much sexy, I will make it come to you through the screen by staring at you with my sexy eyes while I sing to you.  I will wear my sexy skull-cap because I need it to keep in all of my sexy.  Can you feel me seducing you while I make my sexy face at you?  Don’t you love how I look up at the camera while I am so sexy to you?  Watch as I move my head while I sing to you because you can’t make my sexy sit still.  Look at my eyes as I sing to you.  Look at my lips as I sing to you.  Aren’t they both so sexy?  Don’t you want to kiss me?  I want you to hold my sexy beard while my sexiness overcomes you.  It’s okay, you can not help yourself.  You can not fight the sexy.  I can not fight the sexy.  No one can stop my sexy.  I am just too sexy.

Can you tell which one I want to punch in the face?

Other songs they did that are great to listen to:

Daft Punk

Little Drummer Boy

Say Something

Carol of the Bells


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21 Responses to I love the music of Pentatonix; I just hate the people in Pentatonix.

  1. Fugiama says:

    Even though you agree that they make good music, I think your reasons for not liking them as people are pretty ignorant. So what if one happenes to be black, a woman, gay or whatever? They have good chemistry together and that’s all that matters. It’s not like they intentionally chose to be that way so they can shove in your face how diverse they are. They are together because they see each others talent and work well together. You’re the one that’s giving them labels which is why you have a problem.

    • father at 54 says:

      Thank you for your opinion. It has been noted and filed accordingly.

    • Archeo says:

      They don’t make good music, they cover good music, huge difference.

      Freddy Mercury made great music, Bob Dylan made good music.

      • Bella says:

        Excuse me? But they do make their own music, infact, they have their own albums, I’m sorry, but it made me mad that you think they only cover music.

    • AJ says:

      Thank you Fugiama. I like how you’re open to their diversity. Thank you so much. 🙂 It makes me happy to see that someone actually cares about them. 🙂

  2. Myra Valcourt says:

    Way to overshadow their talents with sarcasm.

  3. allie says:

    hahahahahhahaa i appreciate avi’s god given sex appeal. i don’t think he means any harm with all that sexy.

  4. Uncle Humphrey says:

    I googled “Pentatonix face punch” to see who shared my feelings and it brought me here. A tip of my hat to you, good sir!

    • AJ says:

      This is extremely rude, please. As a member of the Pentaholic fandom, I may be biased, but as I told the author of this post, please be respectful. Thank you.

  5. AJ says:

    You’re allowed to have your opinion but please keep it to yourself. If they saw this, just think how they would feel. Please be respectful. Thank you.

    • father at 54 says:

      So people are allowed to have an opinion as long as it agrees with yours, otherwise they need to keep it to themselves…nice

    • ICantStandPentatonix says:

      Don’t be so bloody over-sensitive! This is a humourous piece and there’s really no harm in it. And if you can’t see Pentatonix are a carefully manicured and over-produced (albeit very talented – no argument from me there) group of millennials crafted to appeal to saps, then you need to get out more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    now you know who I wanna fuck

  7. Doom says:

    Fuck Pentatonix!!!

    They only have 2 original songs

    And now 4 albums!!! WTF!!! How can you make Shit tons of money off of other people’s songs do as Pentatonix does I guess

    Dear Pentatonix, wait 10 years you’ll go the way of Justin Bieber

  8. Emma says:

    Well fuck you

  9. Sarah Luke says:

    That’s so mean what the point in just listening to them, if you are going to insult them then stop listening to them. You don’t have to go hate on them for their talent who cares if their gay, or any type of race they have an amazing talent that you will never have. You don’t have to go post this on the internet, have you ever heard “if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it” that’s my point keep your bad comments to yourself.

  10. Stephanie Guilliame says:

    I understand your viewpoint because they do seem so PC, and very formulaic. They appear that way because you don’t truly know them, and don’t have this weird intense connection we as Pentaholics have with them. If you know them as well as we do (taking in the obstacles that still separate them from us) you will see that they are anything but PC. Avi is that oblivious hot guy, but he also dotes on every single one of them. Kevin is very religious but doesn’t let that affect his relationship with the group. Kirstin is the little odd bundle of joy and sunshine. She loves to prank although it never ends well for her. Scott and Mitch are those constantly horny, high-strung guys you knew in high school. The number of curse words that leaves their mouths in a minute is very impressive. My point is that they are anything but PC, sure they represent all that his holy and PC with Kevin being black, Kirstie being a woman, Scott being the Gay brawny type, Mitch the Gay androgynous type, and Avi with just his blatant sex appeal. Please don’t hate them as peoples, they are great individuals and i hope someday you can see that and appreciate the chemistry they have together.

  11. Me says:

    Oh brother. Everyone has the right to their opinions. I find them annoying too. Especially when they do that stupid half smile ALL the time. The girl is bad at that and one of the guys. The only cool one in that group is the guy with the low voice and maybe the black dude but I find him annoying too on some level

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