post surgery

It’s now obvious that i came back too soon.  I can’t sit up, can’t lean forward, can’t make it through a full day at work.  When I try, my abdomen swells up, and sitting and leaning are next to impossible.

What’s making it worse, is the deadline for the project at work is at hand, and during the five weeks I was gone, almost everything I left to be completed…wasn’t.

Before I left, I was killing myself trying to get everything done, working 70-80 hours a week.

I can’t do that right now.  And the clock is ticking.


About father at 54

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2 Responses to post surgery

  1. Prayers of speedy healing and resolution to all your stresses right now. Take your time and take it easy. The more you do the longer it’ll end up taking. Feel better and God bless!

  2. so hard to click “like”. I will, because I “like” you and hope that this abdomen thing resolves. Take care of yourself.

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