post surgery update – baby steps

The surgery was successful.  I feel better each day, but still don’t feel like me.  I ended up staying two nights in the hospital, due to complications I don’t really want to get into right now.  I spent the first week sleeping in a recliner because I couldn’t get into or out of bed.  The past three? nights have been spent in our bed.

My stomach is still swollen, so it always feels like I have a really heavy book attached to my abs.  Especially when I am lying flat on my back, which I rarely ever do.

What I find most annoying is how tired I get…doing nothing.  If I sit for too long in anything other than a recliner, I sleep for hours.  If I walk for any length of time, it’s even worse.

Coughing is the worst thing that happens to me, I am grateful that I haven’t had to sneeze yet.  Basically, anything that is out of my control hurts.  Sneezing, coughing, bumpy roads. (No I am not driving yet.)  Anything that moves my abs hurts.

I’ve also drugged myself up more this recovery than any other surgery I’ve had.  I take Percocet pretty much every day, and if I try to do too much one day I end up taking more.

This past Friday, I had the great idea to go to a neighborhood garage sale. I was feeling better than I had felt, the doctor gave me the green light to start walking, and it was a nice day.  With each stop, I got into and out of the car slower, and slower. And my walking pace resembled an 89-year-old man.  (hunched over and everything)

I slept the entire next day.  It was like I was back in the hospital again.  Awake for an hour, asleep for three.

I’ve never been good with baby steps.  I’m too stubborn.

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The more i think about the recovery of the abdominal reconstruction surgery the more frightened of it i become.  How am i going to get out of bed? Or a chair? How am i going to keep my stomach elevated?  Will it be just as hard getting in bed and sitting down?  I”m not going to be able to assist or i will use my stomach muscles. I will be dead weight.  How is this going to work?

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Mini was sitting on the baby bump and the baby kicked.  She stepped back onto my wife’s lap, looking rather offended at her stomach.  Then the baby kicked again…..and Mini smacked it….

I just killed the first ant of the year in our bathroom.  A tiny little thing.  After I did the deed, I wondered if anyone would miss him.  Is there another ant in charge of making sure everyone got back?  “Hey!  Has anyone seen Fred?!”

My wedding ring is no longer cutting into my finger.  This makes me happy.  I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn in quite some time.  This makes me happy.  Looking in the mirror?  Still makes me unhappy.

I worked 73 hours last week trying to get everything with my project finished and documented before my surgery so that the person backing me up doesn’t have a heart attack.  I still have not completed everything I want to complete.  I see this trend continuing right up until the day before my surgery.

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Big changes

So we saw the house Saturday, we made the offer Sunday, they countered Monday, and we accepted.  Filled out all the mortgage loan paperwork yesterday, and the loan officer said there should be no issues with it.  Inspection is Sunday, so i will be there for that.  I noticed that I have to keep giving people money…

Now I have to pack as much as I can before my surgery on the 15th, since after that I will be useless.

It’s a ranch, full basement, 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, attached two car garage, fully fenced-in yard, laundry on the main floor, and built in 1994, so electrical and insulation will be better than any home I’ve purchased before.   Good school system, quiet neighborhood, right by the lake (which we can see right from our driveway.)  Sidewalks, trees, just the right sized yard…

Oh, and I LOVE this house!


The baby appears to have turned,

my wife is getting bigger,

I felt the baby move for the first time this week, which was the first time where I KNEW it was the baby, and not my pulse in my fingers,

and my diet is still going strong.  I think I’m down 12 pounds at the moment.


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Wish me luck

We submitted an offer on a house tonight.

Cross your fingers!

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Still alive

So far behind on the A to Z challenge I don’t even know what letter they are on.  I have so much going on right now, I rarely have time to sit down and write.

My surgery is going to be 5/15, which I don’t think is going to be particularly conducive to blogging.  Ever since I found out what’s involved in abdominal reconstruction surgery, I notice every single time I use my abdominal muscles.  Which is pretty much all. day. long.

So I have the surgery on my mind.  And now we are house hunting.  And we have 60 days to wrap it all up.  And after May 15, I can’t assist.  And I just noticed that I keep starting every sentence with “and”.

I have no experience with house hunting.  My first marriage we bought her Grandmother’s house.  Which I hated.  The second marriage and the second house was with C.I.N.D.Y.  One of her numerous former professions was Realtor, so she did all the work.  When we finally found a house we both liked, she immediately changed everything I had liked about it.  So not only have I never really hunted for a house before, but home ownership has not been good to me.

Maybe this time…

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Progress report (Paul 3:16)

I started my quest back on 3/16.

Today I hit the 10 pounds lost mark

Right on track at 2 pounds per week

Onward and upward!

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M is for Mini

I have a cat named Mini.  Mini sees every closed-door as an invitation to stand on her back feet and throw her whole 8 pound body weight into the door with her front paws to open it.  So if you are on the toilet, she can rub all over your legs and be petted.  I guess she figures you’re not going away for a while, she might as well take advantage of it.

But Mini has a double standard. If I walk into the laundry room while Mini is in the litter box, she jumps out and runs out of the room.

So it’s fine to bother me while I am going, but I can’t even walk into the room while she is…

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Lessons Learned

I hate coffee.  I hate the smell of coffee even more.

When I was around 20 years old, I was working as a food runner at a horse racing track.  It’s just like it sounds.  I sat in an office doing nothing until the phone rang.  My job was to take food or supplies to the concession stands when they were starting to run low.

One day, I wasn’t feeling well.  And the food stands were short-handed.  The ladies begged me to help them at the stand.  “We really only need you to make coffee!”  So for 6 hours of my shift, and while feeling sick already, I was forced to smell fresh coffee grounds & fresh coffee.  All. Shift. Long.

To this day, I start to feel nauseous around either of those smells.

My wife knows I hate coffee.  So imagine my surprise when she asked me if I wanted some “coffee cake”.

Me: “No, I don’t want any coffee cake!  I hate coffee!  WHY would I want coffee cake?”

(Imagine the amused face of my wife here)

“Paul, you realize…coffee cake isn’t made out of…coffee…right?”

Me: “Then why would they call it coffee cake?”

(Imagine the greatly amused face of my wife here)

“Because you eat it WITH coffee…while you are DRINKING coffee…”

“Oh…so for my whole life then…I have been turning down cake for no good reason?”

(Imagine the face of a woman who is wondering about the man she is about to marry)


“I still don’t want any.  Banana bread is made with bananas.  Carrot cake is made with carrots. Pumpkin Pie is made with pumpkins.  Something called coffee cake should be made with coffee.”

(A man has to have a code)

coffee cake

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22 weeks

So “Future Boy” is 22 weeks now, and apparently starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are more distinct, and tiny tooth buds are developing below his gums. His eyes are formed, but fused shut and there is no color to them. He is about the size of a spaghetti squash at the moment.

My wife may now look forward to stretch marks and a popped out belly button soon.

She’s loving this…

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