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So this happened…

In March, I weighed 240 pounds and started dieting and exercising.  I managed to lose around 2 pounds a week until I stalled at 228 pounds.  Much of that was because I stopped walking my 10,000 steps each day because … Continue reading

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Mini was sitting on the baby bump and the baby kicked.  She stepped back onto my wife’s lap, looking rather offended at her stomach.  Then the baby kicked again…..and Mini smacked it…. I just killed the first ant of the year in … Continue reading

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Onward and downward

The scale that is… I deleted the other blog that I started to track my progress after I posted how I felt about myself.  I just started feeling like only someone with literally nothing better to do would be reading … Continue reading

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Things that keep popping into my head

1.  Is it going to be a boy or a girl? (Yes, I referred to my unborn child as “it”.) My wife makes no bones about telling people that she wants a girl.  Mostly because she can’t wait to turn … Continue reading

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